About Us


The term BELLAVIE comes from the Italian word for beautiful and the French word for life, literally beautiful life.   Find the things in life that make you feel beautiful, surround yourself with them.   Dear friends and family, your signature perfume or a great pair of jeans.  Surrounding yourself with things make you feel beautiful help express your personal style and can give you the confidence to step out and conquer whatever awaits.


BELLAVIE is an attitude and a lifestyle.   The BELLAVIE woman is smart, savvy, loyal to her own personal style and doesn't take herself too seriously.  She's a modern day classic, both down to earth and chic all in one, all in the way she carries herself.  She lives life, loves life and cherishes those in her life. 


Even as a little girl, the importance of the right accessories was not lost on me.  My mother, her friend Mona, my auntie Elsie - these were all women that were glamorous in my eyes.  They wore beautiful jewelry - whether real deal gemstones, large wooden art pieces or colorful fashion jewelry from the mall.  As a child, it was all beautiful to me.  


As I got older, my appreciation for all things gemstone grew; I educated myself on the gems - where they came from, how they were cut, set and so on.  It was thrilling to learn about each new gem, a new color I hadn't seen before, each one created by nature in her impressive palette.


Baubles by BELLAVIE celebrates my love of jewelry and gemstones.  The finishing touches, created with sterling silver and 14K & 18K gold, adorned with beautiful and interesting genuine gemstones and stunning crystals.  My pieces are high in quality, timeless in style and versatile in their appeal.  So whether in jeans and a tank or a gorgeous dress for a black-tie event, Baubles By BELLAVIE has all the irresistible must-have pieces. 


It is true that you can pay tremendous amounts for gemstone jewels.  But you don't have to.  By working directly with manufacturers, with no physical location to rent or lease, no staff to pay or other common retail costs, I can bring the world of designer jewelry to you without the designer price.  So don't be fooled by price or think that I couldn't possibly deliver the promise of fine gemstones in high end settings for these prices; I can and I do.  I will also introduce you to gems you've never seen or heard of before.  Nature has designed the most beautiful pieces and I am thrilled to bring them to you.


I am proud of this collection and eager to share it.  I hope you find things that are beautiful to you and that you learn a bit about the gemstones I love so much. Check out our Glossary to get more information on terminology and gem facts.  Follow us on facebook for the latest arrivals, special promotions and fun fashion.  I look forward to your feedback and hope that through these beautiful Baubles, that I can bring the BELLAVIE way of life to you.   BELLAVIE...live your beautiful life.